"Circuline is a great blend of classic and
new progressive rock...
you're going to love them!"

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Our Rave Reviews:
“Stunning album!  Even better on headphones.  You guys knocked this one out of the park.  Each time I listen I hear another detail that brings a smile to my face.”
John G. from New Jersey
"My friend made me go with her to see them in concert.  I don't even like progressive music, and I thought they were great!"
- Mary B. from Queens, New York
“I love this new album! It’s as good as anything that YES, Genesis, or King Crimson ever did. I can’t tell which track is my favorite, because there are so many good ones.  You guys are great!”
— Alan Baillargeon, NewEARS Progressive Rock Show
“The new album has a lot of great vocal harmonies, as well as instrumental sections. Circuline is one of those bands that serves as a bridge between old and new prog – a great blend of classic and new progressive rock – check them out – you’re going to love them!”
 – Mark Ashby, Progtopia.com
“Excellent vocals…..a variety of unpredictable moods, tempos, and atmospheres…..a nice balance of instrumentals and songs…..tasty keyboard solos…..nice guitar…..YES-like rhythm section…..exciting Porcupine-Tree-like…..a great debut album!”
 – Classic Rock Society Magazine (UK)
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